Bid for Run Officially Announced: Greenville County Council District 26
  WTSA2 News has learned that Todd W. Frederick, a long time Piedmont business owner of Whiter Than Snow Appliances has made a bid for the Greenville County Council
District 26 seat.During an interview, we derived the following from the county council candidate, Todd W. Frederick:

   "I’m officially announcing my bid for Greenville County Council Seat for District 26,
formerly held by my friend Dan Rawls [who passed away on February 17th, 2014]. He went on to say: "I filed on March 10th to be included in the Special Election for the remainder of the term which ends December 31st, 2014. I will also be filing for the 4
year term which begins in January 2015. I am with the GOP."

   When asked about goals and purposes that Candidate Todd W. Frederick has in
a  would-be term(s) for District 26 County Council, he proceeded to say:

    "I will work to help secure (and insure) that the District 26 will become  a
more conservative and safer place to live and be a more pro-business district.
South Greenville County has a lot to offer to businesses who may be considering
South Carolina for their next future venture capital investment or relocation. By
working together we can make District 26 a better place to live and work!"

    When asked about what ideas he had which would bring about these proposals, Mr. Frederick simply stated: "I'll be rolling them out in the future but of course, more so, once in office."

    We say: A typical political response but our research reveals Mr. Frederick is a well liked candidate with potential to follow through.