Hi Everyone,                                                                           Updated  3-12-14

   I’m officially announcing my bid for Greenville County Council Seat for District 26,
formerly held by my friend Dan Rawls [who passed away on February 17th, 2014].

   I filed on March 10th to be included in the Special Election for the remainder of
the term which ends December 31st 2014. I will also file for the District 26 County
Councilman Seat the 4 year term which begins in January 2015.

   Financial supporters are welcome to donate their campaign contribution to help
secure (and insure) that the District 26th Seat will remain conservation and pro-
business growth. South Greenville County has a lot to offer to businesses considering
South Carolina for their next future capital investment. By working together we can
make District 26 a better place to live and work!

   Again, I’m calling on all of my family, friends, customers (of Whiter Than Snow
Appliances) and all those in this district to support me at any level of this campaign
effort. Let me thank you ahead of time to all who are willing to donate to this
effort (be it time, money, etc) to maintain a conservative voice for this District 26

‘Yes we can’t… afford to lose this seat!’

~Sincerely, Todd W Frederick (864-845-9872)
p.s. – G.O.P. ticket

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Todd's picture to see who we might theoretically get in office if he's not elected.