Thank you for visiting UPSTATE CELESTIAL STRINGS website! It is my privilege to serve the upstate community as musical artist sharing my love of harp for your various indoor special events.  UPSTATE CELESTIAL STRINGS strives to beautify and bring joy to each special occasion you are planning.

     Heather Adele Frederick will bring angelic serenades to your non-alcoholic bridal luncheons / showers, church weddings / wedding receptions, baby showers, church dinners, anniversary commemorations, birthdays, funerals, garden parties/tea parties, Valentine, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas events, and whatever other Christ-honoring event you have. 

     Heather Frederick first demonstrated her love for music in elementary school by participating in a singing Christmas tree choir (high up on risers!) while at Heritage Hall Christian School. In her junior high and high school years, she participated with singing in school plays and choirs, including church choir and dramatic events. She began harp training in 2008. Heather considers it a great blessing to praise the LORD on one of the world's oldest instruments, also known as the Psaltery. One of her most interesting harp events was to play for the 300th anniversary celebration of the POWDER MAGAZINE AND POWDER BUILDING, the oldest building in the state of South Carolina, located in Charleston. (This historical building was used to store gun powder prior to the American Revolution.) She has also sang for an eclectic variety of events. One of her favorite events involving musical missions was to travel with 62 church friends and family members to New York City, one month after September 11, 2001. 

     Currently Heather and her husband, Todd W. Frederick, enjoy participating in various ministries with Trinity Baptist Tabernacle in Piedmont, SC and in their 2n1 Ministries video classes.  They also enjoy harp evangelism opportunities working together as a family.  At UPSTATE CELESTIAL STRINGS, we echo the prayer of Psalm 71:22 with King David, “I will praise thee with the psaltery, even thy truth, O my God: unto thee will I sing with the harp, O thou Holy One of Israel.” 

 UPSTATE CELESTIAL STRINGS looks forward to assisting you with your next memorable musical event. 


Upstate Celestial Strings
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